Sunday, 12 June 2011


Housed in the most beautiful building overlooking a charming square in the center of Copenhagen is the wonderful Hay. I could have stayed all day slumped atop a mountain of Donna Hay creatures and cushions, or hours admiring the amazing staircase, the beautiful views. The wonderful utilitarian objects laid out with such care, the bird cages, the incredible wicker, oh me oh my I was so in love with everything about this place!

But enough gushing, see for yourself

I'd really love to visit the buyers and design team, so perhaps I can plan a little something to give me a legitimate excuse to go back!
I keep saying I really need a holiday which generally results in a look of total disbelief! Guess I should keep reminding myself I just spent almost one quarter of 2011 in a wonderfully beautiful and inspiring country!

But really, I really do feel like I need a holiday!

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