Saturday, 11 June 2011


On my way back from Switzerland to Gothenburg I stopped off for a day in lovely Copenhagen, the weather was miserable, especially after 27 degree heat in Switzerland and I was a little sad to be leaving my lovely friend Virginie and her wonderfully welcoming family so in all honesty wasn't massively looking forward to hanging out on my own again! OH WOE IS ME, right!? Anyway as soon as I arrived I quickly forgot about it. The city despite a whole bunch of construction work was wonderful, so so wonderful. I'm pretty desperate to go back and explore some more.

Also had a rather pleasant suprise down a quiet side street when I ran in to Andrea from my class at HDK. After spending about ten minutes laughing about the coincidence we decided to go and grab a coffee and catch up. The Danish crowns don't go as far as the Swedish ones, which as I've spoken (see moaned and whinged) about before and the Swedish ones don't go as far as my pounds in London. But today for once I didn't think about it. I ate a byootiful cupcake and admired the brilliant coins with a hole in the centre! so cool.

Andrea showed me some great places including Hay which I'll speak about another time but for now here's a few of the small amount of pics i shot on the blustery day.

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