Sunday, 8 May 2011

Roadtrip - Källemo

First stop (yes I'm aware I've written about this trip completely out of sequence but bare with me! I left my notes in gothenburg but we've been reunited now!)

Källemo studios pride themselves on working with designers and creating pieces that are not only quality in the sense of made of good sustainable materials but also in that they are visually sustainable and therefore stand the test of time and are timeless.

& there it, Bohlin's Concrete chair. The turning point for Källemo, the chair responsible for the staff now referring to their work as either BC or AC; that's before Concrete not Christ! don't know if the chair was quite as revolutionary as the latter but it sure did it's part. It doesn't really appeal to my personal aesthetic so much but I can certainly appreciate what this chair did for Scandinavian design and for Källemo. Although it was limited and didn't necessarily generate vast sales it was an attention grabber and served a different purpose to say the 'Non' chair which thanks to the internet was a huge success. The form of the 'non' chair is very typical and on first inspection it may not seem that interesting but only a touch reveals the unexpected rubbery feel of the polyurethane. Show me some in powder blue instead of red and I'd probably happily take some of these home for the garden, and don't worry they can even weather the storm.

Concrete Chair
As highlighted here it may not be the most comfortable chair but I didn't sit on it so can't possibly comment!

The Rocking chair for rockers

This 'Mama look' is a bit more like something I could see in my loft, if of course I had a loft... and was in the position to buy anything from Källemo but you see my point, right? I'm kicking myself a bit because I can't remember the nice anecdote that goes with the name and can't seem to unearth it online either so if anyone knows please yell!

I'm also quite a fan of this trolley which I had already seen exhibited at Stockholm Furniture Fair, it's those wheeeeeels, it's so clean and smooth looking. In the background you can see a little bit of the baby coatrack, a little nod to Dirty Dancing 'nobody puts baby in the corner' which I thought was a nice touch, not nice enough to warrant a decent photograph apparently. Sorry!

It was really interesting to hear about how they balance limited editions and pieces they know will be good commercial exports. The crowd pleasers and the money makers. & also about how they support young designers and help them realize their ideas. I wouldn't say my work fits here at all but it was definitely a wonderful insight. The office was also a beautifully light flooded environment that certainly can't be a bad place to work!

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