Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Roadtrip - Ikea Museum 2

More shots from the ikea museum I wonder can you tell which decade is which?

I love love love the lamp in the corner, I can't find my sketchbook but I wrote down the product name and plan to trade my kidney for enough pennies to buy an original on tradera of blocket (like Swedish Ebay)

This one is extra special, Ikea were contacted by this couple who had saved and saved for many years in order to buy this furniture for their home back in the 50's (I think) and they had decided to update and wondered if Ikea might like to have these pieces back for the archive. In return Ikea allowed them to pick all their new furniture from the current catalogue free of charge! They even kept the original receipts and order form too which is displayed next to the room with a little video of them talking about their excitement to be offered this new furniture without needing to save for years!
It reminded me of school trips to St Fagans! where they have a terrace of typical welsh houses all furnished according to different decades and if I remember correctly last time I was there one of the houses had a baby pink polka dot sofa, haha not quite the same as the scandinavian design aesthetic! I really must go back and visit again now to see if it's still there.

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